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Hippie Water Buffalo Jesus Sandals

Hippie Water Buffalo Jesus Sandals
Hippie Water Buffalo Jesus Sandals
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Item Description

Indian Hippie Water Buffalo Sandals also known as Jesus Sandals are classic 60's & 70's style sandals with tremendous popularity. These leather buffalo sandals are handmade from water buffalo hide by craftsman in India whose families have been creating these shoes for centuries. They are comfortable, exotic and are great for guys or gals. The best way to form (does not shrink the shoe size!) the sandals to your feet, is to soak them in water while they are on your feet and let them dry. Your sandal will now be formed to your foot. Soaking does not shrink the sandal! **Because these hippy sandals are UNISEX, (women should drop one shoe size,example: size 8 woman should buy a size 7! Remember sizing is approximate because each shoe is handmade. ( **Measure the length of the bottom of another sandal from top to bottom, NOT your foot and then use these measurements for the closest size! Size 5 = 10 inches, Size 6 = 10 1/4 inches, Size 7 = 10 1/2", Size 8 = 10 3/4", Size 9 = 11", Size 10 = 11 1/4", Size 11 = 11 1/2", Size 12 = 11 3/4", Size 13 = 12", **Optimum measurement would be to measure the bottom of an existing sandal that you have and then choose size based upon those measurements. The sandals are unisex but using your existing measurements will help choose an appropriate size sandal. ***Choose your size carefully, customer will be responsible for shipping charge for exchange for different size!***